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Just after my first pregnancy



Just after my second Pregnancy


I dont want to bore you with all the in between.  I have changed my diet a little bit over the years because I was nursing one child with lots of allergies so I did lose some weight in between.  But this next picture is a set of pictures before and after I started the anti-inflammatory diet



I never really cared to lose weight in 2015 I really just wanted to feel well again.  I don’t have a ton of pictures from long before because I hated how I looked because of all the weight i gained with pregnancies.  Most of this weight loss was in the matter of 3-4 months because most of what I had was inflammation.  My stomach went down a ton.  I always looked 5 months pregnant.



I was diagnosed with Hashimoto about 1.5 years ago.  Since then I have drastically changed my diet.  I wasn’t ready to start thyroid medicine thought there had to be another way so I began my research.

I began by joining a group on Facebook which was very helpful.  Join this group it has been so helpful!

Hashimoto is so difficult because there is no cookie cutter diet.  What works for one does not work for all.

The only cookie cutter part about Hashimoto is that you MUST go Gluten free and dairy free.  Everything else is questionable.  Should you be grain free?  Should you be Lectin free?  Should you be nightshade free? These questions you need to find the answers on your own.

I went through a diet program that allowed me to remove everything out of my diet and then add things back into my diet.  I know what causes inflammation and what doesn’t.  What makes my stomach feel sick and what doesn’t.  And sometimes I decide that it is worth feeling sick just to have a taste.  You have to listen to your body!

I am due for full labs at my doctors office so I will soon find out how everything is.  I recently had my TPO’s checked and a year and a half ago it was 4 and now it is 1.  Which is kinda a big thing!  They use TPO to measure whether or not you have a thyroid autoimmune disease.  So this is a good finding.  Although Im certain my numbers are still off elsewhere.  Things such as my thyroglobulin antibodies Im sure is still up.  My thyroid antibodies was cut in half when I went gluten free.  So There is definitely proof in the pudding that going gluten free is a MUST! At least to start!

Its hard and nobody knows how hard it is to change everything about your diet.  I can tell you first hand that you can do it.  It is possible!

No more going to parties and eating the junk food.

No more grabbing food at a fast food chain for a quick bite.

No more yummy cookies at the Christmas parties.






Organic Strawberries, Organic Juice, Fresh Banana, raspberries or other berries

Blend until you have a smoothie and pour into a bowl.


Gluten free granola (i am grain free so I do not add this), cashews, coconut shreds (unsweetened), more fresh banana, drizzle honey over the top.

(I only do this every now and then because of the amount of sugar.)


A few months back I went to the doctors for a routine check up.  I hate going to the doctors and would have never gone to this appoint before.  My husbands work now required for us to get lab work to keep our insurance at a lower cost.  So for obvious reasons I went.  When the labs came back the doctor wanted to go over them with me.  That was where she found that I in fact do have an problem.  She explained to me that my thyroglobulin antibodies were high.  They were suppose to be less than one to be normal and well mine were at a 32.  She explained to me that I needed to look up Hashimoto.  So I went home that day and looked up what Hashimoto was.  Basically Hashimoto is a thyroid disease (hypothyroid).  I thought to myself… No, theres no way that I could have this I don’t have any symptoms.  I don’t gain weight, I don’t have a hard time losing weight, I don’t have any of the symptoms listed on the list.  So i continued on.  The doctor did recommend to go gluten free so I decided to at least do that.

I began to think… I wonder if the Hashimoto was showing up because I have dental bacterial infection in my bones underneath the root of my teeth.  I have known about this for years but never did I want to pull all my front teeth out.  So I didn’t.  When I thought there may be a correlation I decided to take care of all my dental problems.  I went to one dentist that wanted to just pull the teeth out.  Then I went to another dentist that said he would be willing to retreat the teeth.  So I definitely opted for that option.  I am 36 years old who in their right mind wants to pull out all four of their front teeth and go about a year without front teeth (they are the four front bottom).  So I began the treatments.  When I had a total of 4 teeth that had to be retreated.  I would do it one tooth at a time.  The dentist I go to uses ozone therapy which is an amazing natural way to kill bacteria.  After treating the first tooth I got an infection in my mouth from all the bacteria that was released.  So the doctor prescribed some antibiotics.  I took them.  But they did not help.  I decided to eat raw garlic.  Since I know that has helped in the past.  And sure enough the infection would melt away seconds after chewing the garlic up.  So each time I had a tooth taken care of that was my regiment.  I would began chewing garlic about 4 times a day until the infection would go away.

I had begun to feel run down, tired, achey, and had candida issues.  I had the worst candida infection I have ever had in my whole entire life.  I thought to myself… Maybe I do have Hashimoto (up to this point I was still in disbelief).  So I began to realize I do intact have Hashimoto and I am having symptoms of Hashimoto because of the dental retreats.  So I needed to do more than what I was currently doing to get my health back into check.  I decided to go see a doctor out in Costa Mesa California who deals with autoimmune diseases and especially focuses on Hashimoto.  I DO IN FACT HAVE HASHIMOTO and my DENTAL WORK did cause a flare up.  What i realized is that my dental problems are not causing Hashimoto but my Hashimoto has probably caused my dental problems.