My name is Rebecca.  I was born and raised in Southern California.  No I was not a food snob growing up just super picky.  My mom may claim that because I would not eat hot dogs nor would i eat red sauce on my pasta but come on who could blame me… hot dogs are so disgusting.  I still have the same hate for hotdogs as I did when I was a kid (read the ingredients I was on to something).

I became the food snob when my now 4 year old daughter had terrible allergies at the age of 8 months.   I began to research and see what was in our foods and became aware of all the toxins we were consuming (I mean… half of the ingredients you can’t even pronounce).

I recently moved into a more rural area allowing me to have my own chickens as well as have my own fruit trees and garden growing.  I have 5 children and am a stay at home mom following Jesus.  We try and stay on top of our health with the use of essential oils and clean eating to the best our budget allows.   We have never really had huge medical issues and I give all the glory and honor to our Lord Jesus for that.