Once you have the diagnosis of Hashimoto it is hard to decide what doctor to go to.  The MD just want to put you on thyroid medicine and some alternative medicine doctors are not as good as others.

Let me go back.  First when I got my diagnosis I didn’t believe my MD.  This MD is a practicing DO (Doctor of Osteopathic).  DOs practice a “whole person” approach to medicine. Instead of just treating you for specific symptoms or illnesses, they regard your body as an integrated whole.  So from the beginning I was at a good place.  I was very fortunate because most doctors would have over looked these labs since I am still in range on my thyroid.  The only things that showed up were thyroglobulin antibodies which were at 32, high dhea and high estrone levels.  It was then that my doctor told me to go gluten free.  So I did.  I went back to recheck to see it going gluten free lowered my antibodies.  It was cut in half! it was now at 16.  I was shocked that it went down that much from just going gluten free.  My DO was definitely on to something.  Then it was just kinda left there.  So now what? I lowered my antibodies.  But then that was it.  The doctor didn’t know why dhea was high and didn’t know why my estrone levels were through the roof.  So I continued on with my life until my dental work began.  (more about dental work and hashimoto here Hashimoto dental work)  That was when I realized I do in fact have Hashimoto. I thought if I go back to the DO then they will want to put me on medicine because I began to feel symptoms.  I try to steer away from medicine as much as possible… unless it is absolutely necessary.  So I decided to got the Alternative Medicine route.

One more note about my DO.  She was like no other.  Most doctors would excuse my labs because they were still within range.  She didn’t.  She referred me to an endocrinologist and told me that I had Hashimoto.  Had I gone anywhere else I probably would have never been told this.  I was very blessed to have found out early on before i even had symptoms.

Going to the alternative medicine doctor I did not know how much it was going to cost but I went anyway.  I have a dear friend that also has Hashimoto and she has had great success at this office.  So I went and found out how much it would cost and boy was it outrageous.  I then had to decide my health or worry about how much things will cost.  So I paid the bill and went with a 6 month program to try and heal myself.  I learned more about myself with this doctor then I ever knew before.  There was a set of labs that he had me do.  Then there was a list of labs that he wanted me to get tested with my MD (h.pyloir, celiac, anca antibodies and asca antibodies).

I found out that my DO was no longer at the office so now I had to see someone else.  I was a little nervous only because I knew my DO would test anything my alternative med doctor asked.  I walked in there and explained to the new doctor that I had been working with an alternative medicine doctor and and wanted to work together with her and him to get on top of my health.  She was ok with it.  So she ran all the requested labs.  I was shocked! I was very thankful but shocked because most doctors would no test because I do not have enough symptoms.

So to answer the question alternative medicine doctor or MD.  I say both! You can use them together to get on top of your health.  MD’s that will work with an alternative medicine doctor are hard to find.  I hear so many stories about people with Hashimoto and how their doctors claim they make up symptoms and won’t run labs etc.  I am thankful where the Lord lead me.

If you are in southern California and want a great Alternative medicine doctor for autoimmune disease Dr. Tony is great!  Click on the link to go to his website.  Dr. Tony Ganem  Honestly i was a little hesitant when I went to the website because it looks like a weight loss program.  I thought to myself … I’m not interested in losing weight! But decided to give it a try anyways!  It definitely is not a weight loss program.   Although the diet you go on you do drop weight.  But lots of the weight you drop is inflammation.